URL catcher

Daniel Klein bringa at gmx.at
Sat Jun 15 00:58:47 BST 2002

> > The app behaving like this is Klipper. Right-click on the small
> > clipboard icon in the tray area and uncheck "Use actions" (or whatever
> > it is called in English/Your lannguage) in the menu.
> I'd like to add that klipper can be configured on what type of URIs it
> reacts and in which programs it should ignore selects.
> For example it won't react on any URL selection done in a Konqueror
> window.

Thanks a lot for that information.. would have been the last place I'd check.. 
it's awesome how configurable this thing is. This is not the first time I've 
said "woah" using KDE.

Daniel, quite happy with his system now :)

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