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Nathan England kernel at the-arcanum.org
Thu Jun 13 16:00:12 BST 2002

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I run it on my laptop which is a pii 400, but when I unplug it it runs at 
100mhz instead of 400, the speed difference is pretty bad, but kde 3 is still 
completely usable. I have 288 megs of ram though, but still, 100 mhz runs 
pretty well.


Am 13 Donnerstag Juni 2002 05:44 schrieb Terry:
> A good rule of thumb. . .KDE3 basically requires the same resources as
> Windows 2000.  Meaning at least 128 megs RAM (256 is better) and a 500 mhz
> or better processor.  A good videocard with 32 megs RAM helps to, with all
> the eye-candy ; )  Adding more RAM to your machine will help with the disk
> thrashing.
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> I jumped to KDE 3.0.1 from KDE 2.1.2. At first sight, it performs equally
> well, but as I started using it, I found a noticeable increasing in memory
> consumption. As it's an old computer with little memory (64MB) it is an
> issue, as it is actually trashing.
> So, there is a real, important growing in requirements, there are some
> important memory leaks out there (according top, Konqui eats up to 50% of
> used memory, and keeps raising), or I already was too close to the
> trashing theresold, and just crossed it?
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