DCOP, artsd crashing, how to troubleshoot?

mjinks-kde at wicked.uchicago.edu mjinks-kde at wicked.uchicago.edu
Mon Jun 3 22:55:34 BST 2002

On Fri, May 31, 2002 at 12:10:09AM -0700, James Richard Tyrer wrote:
> No I don't know how to fix it.  But, there is a very high probability
> that it is a configuration issue.
> Is there an IRQ 17? (It looks like you pasted this so it isn't a typo). 

Well there must be; from my post, notice that sound works fine, only the
KDE sound daemon is having problems.

> Have you tried the sound configure widget in the Control Center?

No; will give it a look.

> > The other KDE-related problem that he's having is that DCOP will
> > apparently crash occasionally; I'm not yet sure whether this happens
> > mid-session, or if he sometimes logs out and it doesn't clean up after
> > itself.  At any rate, when the problem comes up, he can't open new
> > terminals or do much of anything KDE-related.  The only workaround we've
> > found is to switch to a virtual term and remove his .DCOPserver*
> > directories; then he can log in and everything is fine.
> Have you tried running: "kdeinit" in the session where it crashed?  I
> find that if I leave KDE 3.0.1 branch running for a day or so that in
> needs to be reinitiated or it gets flaky.  Clearly a bug, but running:
> "kdeinit" seems to promptly fix it.  I don't know if DCOP had crashed or
> not as the first think it does is shut it down and then it starts a new
> instance of DCOP.

Okay, will try that too.  Can't hurt I guess.  But for this user that's
not going to be an acceptable sulution; the whole reason he uses KDE in
the first place is to be protected from fiddling with the guts of the

> > Or, are these known problems?  A quick search of the
> > mailing list archives didn't turn up anything.
> > 
> If you don't get the KDE crash handler automatically (it usually pops up
> when a KDE app crashes), you can always use the core file that should be
> left somewhere.

No core file, no crash handler.

For the sound problem, we get a popup window saying that "The KDE sound
system [no PID, no process name but I assume it's artsd] has exceeded
maximum CPU usage and will be shut down."  That's not an exact quote
because I can't cut and paste from that window and it doesn't appear to
log anywhere that I know to look at, but all we get from that window is
an "Okay" button.

For the DCOP problem, it Just Happens near as I can tell, though of
course I'm not sitting at the machine with the user, so there may be
details he's leaving out.


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