fixed width fonts in KDE

James Richard Tyrer tyrerj at
Sun Jul 28 03:59:23 BST 2002

Hendrikf wrote:

> how can i force kde to change the 'fixed-width' font? it is some cursive
> font that is very difficult to read, and for some reason it is used in the
> package manager to display any message as the package is installed. some of
> the packages show error messages as they are being installed, but i have no
> idea what the message is since i cannot read this font. if i try to change
> it in the kde control panel, no other fonts are displayed that i can choose
> from. some of the text editors like 'advanced editor' also use this font,
> meaning that i cannot read the files when i edit them, or when i type
> something new. emacs and abiword don't seem to use this font, and the text
> is displayed correctly.

First to test, turn off Anti-Aliasing.

If that fixes it:

Do you have a suitable fixed width font installed that is either Type 1 
or TrueType.  If so, do you have the directory listed in your XftConfig 
file (usually in: /etc/X11/")

Also, when you follow up, please advise which version of KDE you are 
using since Anti-Aliasing is version dependent.

Also, do you have the GhostScript Fonts installed?

Note that EMACS and AbiWord have their own fonts.


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