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Ladislav Strojil Ladislav.Strojil at
Mon Jul 22 21:32:54 BST 2002

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On Monday 22 July 2002 22:22, JW wrote:
> On Monday 22 July 2002 09:26 am, Carsten Neumann wrote:
> > On Mon, 22 Jul 2002, Terry Carlton wrote:
> > > Don't you also have to include the name of the shared folder in that?
> > > <ie>
> > > BTW.   .  .not a good idea to show people any of your IP address's
> >
> > Why not?
> >
> > That's a private address!
> > You're not very familiar with IP address assignment, Terry, are you? ;-)
> You're not very familiar with security, Carsten, are you? ;-)
> See your nearest bookstore.
> Honestly people. At the very least, if you DON'T show your IP no one can
> use it to crack your internal LAN. Just use Because if you
> do show it, it can potentially be used. Yes, this is a very very small
> thing in the realm of security. That doesn't mean you should wave it away,
> Podsnap :-) BTW, the very fact that it is supposed to  be his 'private' IP
> is all the more reason not to show it.

> May I see your iptables rules, complete with IPs please ;-)

Yep, my IP is and my iptable rules are:
iptables -A INPUT -s ! localhost -p tcp --dport 80 -j DROP
iptables -A INPUT -s ! localhost -p tcp --dport 21 -j DROP

The point is that IP 192.168.X.X carries no more (well, slightly more) 
information than 

Anyway, anyone can read my 'real' IP in the envelope of this mail. I guess I 
am boned.

> P.S. Take it easy. No hurt feelings intended.

Yep. :-))


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