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Derek Fountain fountai at
Tue Jul 16 18:03:32 BST 2002

> As list administrator, I would kindly request that the threads on
> eyecandy stop, as I suppose that many of the 700 or so people subscribed
> here are here to learn about using KDE, rather than the topics that have
> so preoccupied this list in the last week or so.

I actually thought it was a valid and interesting debate. As has been pointed 
out, the KDE user base has changed over recent months. There's now a lot more 
people who just want to use it, and would like to discuss why things are as 
they are at a non technical level. Such discussions also help point 
developers in the direction users want the project to go in, for whatever 
that's worth (see threads passim).

Still, you're the boss.

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