Incredimail [was:unsubscribe]

cr cr at
Sun Jul 14 14:41:19 BST 2002

On Sunday 14 July 2002 22:49, Michael Scottaline wrote:

> >> BTW, that has to be the most atrocious HTML email I have ever received.
> >> What the hell *was* that?
> >
> >Incredimail:  Just take a look at their homepage to get a nice example of
> >what they consider a cool email to look like:
> >
> >
> >Sometimes I seem to loose all faith in humanity...
> ===================================
> I actually sat through the damn "demo" <hehehe>.  I'm surprised Mozilla
> didn't puke on it ;)
> Think I'll stick with Sylpheed......
> BTW, Is there any way to filter messages from such a mail program??
> Mike

Bloatware has arrived in emails!!!   8-(

That original list message (still sitting in my Trash folder) took 14K of 
garbage to say one line of text.    I thought it was the Klez virus or spam.  
Fortunately Kmail ignores it all if you leave HTML turned off.    Personally, 
if someone sends me a HTML email, I just tell them it was unreadable and ask 
them to send it again in plain text.   Enabling HTML is probably a security 
hole anyway. 

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