WOW. . .those screenshots of 3.1Alpha are fantastic

Andreas Pour pour at
Sat Jul 13 23:24:55 BST 2002

Mary Stamper wrote:
> but is that what is going to make real companies consider chucking M$ and take a look at KDE? What
> business users give a crap about keramic or liquid? Hell, they look BETTER than windows. Clearly
> that isn't going to reach everyone. 


You keep repeating this point, but it seems you are not trying to
understand, the responses provided.

So let me try again.

The people making the themes, are different people, from the ones making
the libraries.  The theme people, cannot make the libraries any better,
any more than you can.

The fact, that one part of KDE is not perfect, does not mean, people
should not approve other parts.

And, as you seem more new to KDE, permit me, to recount some history. 
When GNOME came out, it had far more themes than KDE.  At that point, a
huge criticism was, there are not enough themes for KDE.  So now, when
people respond to user requests, and make themes for KDE, the criticism
is, why are you making themes?  You don't listen to user requests!

Do you see the irony here? 

Which underscores my point, that people complain, no matter what you
do.  You satisfy one set of users, another complains. 

And also underscores my point, if you want to make KDE better, do
something productive!  Go to and look at the list of
possible ways to contribute.  There is something, anyone can do.  You,
yes you, can make KDE better!  You can make it better, in the way, that
you want to make it better!  That is the beauty of Open Source.

So, please, stop complaining about others who make KDE better, and think
instead, of ways in which you can!


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