Copy and paste strangness in KDE 3

James effdefender at
Fri Jul 12 21:01:52 BST 2002

Hi, I've been using KDE on my school's computers for about half a year now,
and I just set up a FreeBSD 4.6 -release system 2 weeks ago.  I installed
KDE on it.

I've got a question about copy and paste.
When I copy something to the clipboard, and then go to paste it into another
program, it doesn't always work right.  It oftentimes will paste the 2nd to
the last thing that I copied (rather than the last thing that I just
copied).  I notice if I use the middle mouse button it is more likely to
copy the last thing I copied, but there are still problems.

It appears as if it's trying to be "smart" and guess which element in the
clipboard I want by looking at the program I'm using.  Is there a way to
turn off this "smart" feature?  It's a real PITA for me.

I read the docs (they seem vague), and tried turning on and off the
"Synchronize contents of the clipboard and the selection," along with other
things, but nothing completely fixed the problem (though the "Syncrhonize"
checkbox made it work more often with the middle mouse button).  I even
tried to limit the clipboard size to 1, but it seems it's set for a minimum
of 2.  :(

I realize that I can click on the klipper and select which thing I want to
paste, but that's a pain.  I just want to copy the last thing in the

Is there hope?

-James Turnbull

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