Any way to use root-tail in KDE?

Frank Baumeister haga.chan at
Fri Jul 12 14:32:06 BST 2002

On Thursday 11 July 2002 17:18, JW wrote:
> Hello,
> Oftern in screenshots you see what looks like a
> windowless/borderless terminal tailing a log file. Yesterday I
> found out that this is often the program root-tail:
> However, it would appear that this progam can't be run under KDE.

Well, kdesktop is a big borderless window that runs on top of the root 
window, but behind all other windows. Because of that, running 
programs like root-tail is not that comfortable (if you use a vanilla 

> I tired both manually from a Konsole, and from the KDE Desktop
> settings > "Use program as background".
> Is there any utility like that that works in KDE (displaying a
> borderless tail of a log file)?

Maybe a boderless (transparent) konsole running tail? For example:

kstart --type Override  konsole -e tail --geometry 500x500-10-10 
--notoolbar --noscrollbar --nomenubar --noframe

This will start a konsole without any decorations with the upper left 
corner at position (10,10). Note that you have to give tail some  
arguments (man tail). Otherwise it wouldn't make a lot of sense. 

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