WOW. . .those screenshots of 3.1Alpha are fantastic

James Richard Tyrer tyrerj at
Fri Jul 12 05:06:29 BST 2002

Terry wrote:
> Who is forcing you to use 3.0 or higher?  If your happy with 2.2.2 then
> great. Meanwhile let the rest of us enjoy being on the bleeding edge. You
> try to have a good evening.

You have totally missed my point.  I am not happy with 2.2.2 but not 
because it didn't have svg icons and drop shadows, but rather because it 
had bugs and usability issues.  Some of these have not been addressed yet.

My point again is that before more is done to pretty things up that the 
more basic foundation needs work.  And, it appears to me that we are 
loosing ground.  Stability in 3.0.2 is still not as good as 2.2.2 and 
yet people are working on 3.1 rather than making 3.0.3 work better.

And, no, you are correct that no one is forcing me to use it, I (and a 
lot of other users) can go back to Windows.  But, I don't think that 
that is really what you want.

If I submit bug reports, will someone work on them or just tell me that 
this will be fixed in 3.1?  I am willing to do my part by testing, but 
previous reports I submitted fell on deaf ears.  Actually worse, I was 
either told that there was nothing wrong, that it was a Qt issue, or it 
would be fixed in 3.0.  If KDE expects to become widely accepted, this 
atitide, as well as the atitude in your reply MUST BE CHANGED.

And making it pretty while having Konqueror crash at least twice as much 
is not the bleeding edge of anything.

Note, I have the CVS 3.0.x and I usually build it every day.


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