Konqueror features - wish ?

James Richard Tyrer tyrerj at acm.org
Tue Jul 9 09:40:01 BST 2002

snpe wrote:

> I want bookmark menu below konqueror menu (not from begining to end screen)
> and only few item in menu and arrow for other
> Is it posible ?

You want all the bookmarks under one item in the toolbars?

Select your toolbar folder, or use the default: "Bookmarks"

Now every folder you create in this folder will show up on the tool bar.

If you only want one, then create only one folder. For example, call it: 
BookMarks.  Then when you create new folders by clicking on it and 
chooseing: "New Folder" they will all be sub-folders of that and will 
not show up on the tool bar.

You should then be able to place this toolbar on the same line as 
another one.


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