Amir Tal tal at whatsup.org.il
Sat Jul 6 08:51:57 BST 2002


i am using the beKDE script to download and compile kde from cvs.
the sources are downloaded to /usr/src/kde and the new kde is installed to 
/opt/kdecvs. (everything was done as root)
this is RH73, with kde 3.0.0-10 preinstalled.

after the compile proccess was over, i created ~/.xinitrc in my homedir, and 
wrote :

export PATH="/opt/kdecvs/bin:/opt/kdecvs/sbin:$PATH"
export PATH="/opt/kdecvs/bin:/opt/kdecvs/sbin:$PATH"
export LD_LIBRARY_PATH="/opt/kdecvs/lib:$LD_LIBRARY_PATH"
exec /opt/kdecvs/bin/startkde

restarting X still loads the old kde.
'startx' will not work, and same goes for 'startkde' (with or without the full 
path to the binary)

what am i missing there ? what do i need to change in order to start my new 
kde ?


[root at localhost /]# make love
make: stop : dont know how to make love
[root at localhost /]#ls
Amir Tal,
ICQ : 15748705
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