Desktop Pager loads at startup and I don't want it too

James effdefender at
Sat Jul 6 07:00:06 BST 2002

I hope this isn't considered too simple of a question to post here.

Somehow I've got "Desktop Pager" loading up whenever I start KDE on my
machine.  Even if I close it and say to "Save session for future logins" it
Desktop Pager still loads up!

I've looked around for an hour for a file that lists what loads when I start
KDE.  Is there such a file?  How can I remove Desktop Pager from the startup

(I don't want the thing to load because it's annoying, it's another thing
that I have to close when I run the system).

Any help would be very much appreciated!
Thank you very much in advance!  :D
-James Turnbull

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