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Mariusz Pekala skoot at
Sat Jul 6 06:06:15 BST 2002

> > all of the above said, i would like to suggest that we, as a community
> > try to interact on more personal level in the form of launch parties and
> > the like.  it would give the large number of us, the users the chance to
> > meet the developers and pay proper respects.  money can always be
> > involved at that level, the community saying 'thank you' in the form of
> > gifts etc. to the leaders of said community.  but a system designed to
> > pay developers to work on certain projects is crossing the line.
> that is just an opinion. I am interested on real reasons why it would be
> harmfull  for KDE.

*I really don't want to offend anybody!*
My imagination gives me such terrible pictures:
Why people would want anymore try to fix bugs 'for free' instead just sit and 
wait until the 'prize' grows up?
What could prevent malicious one from introducing small, well hidden bugs just 
to fix it later for money?
I went to the side of free software just about two years ago. I was creating 
software for Windows, for money. I was creating good (in my humble opinion 
:-)) software, so I feelt okay. It was not so big money, but anyway, it was 
After I understood and accepted the free (as in speech) software philosophy, I 
felt like... like a new-born. I felt something like "there are good people 
here. Not everything is about money!" and... ee... you know what I mean.
I would not to loose this feeling. Seeing the coruption, politicians, crime 
all around here I find such free software communities (free as in speech and 
in beer) very... 'refreshing?' for my soul. I am scared, becouse as has been 
said by someone here - money tend to corrupt most of the good things.

I believe that good thing would be just to call some developer and tell him 
(or her ;) "Please fix this bug for me. I can pay you..." but establishing 
some pay-system would lead to corruption.

( Yeah... I hope you understand what I mean - I have learnt 'technical' 
English, and talking about feelings or philosophy is a bit difficult. )

> Now, quoting Tim:
> > No, I tend to agree.  The motivation for the projects would change from
> > one of
> > pride of ownership (I'm not releasing this till it's right!) to one of
> > monetary (I need some quick cash, what can I code tonight?).
> > We may end up with a bunch of thrown together hacks and unmanageable code
> > instead of some solid mantainable code
> This is a very good point. I have to agree that is a problem. But rather
> than just dismissing the hole idea, I would like to ask for solutions on
> this issue.

With my humble voice I would rather vote for not to see such money-system. 
Just as Tim said - let The Pride be the reward.

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