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terry tg5027 at
Sat Jul 6 02:34:00 BST 2002

i personally don't like the idea of money mixing with OpenSource 
concepts. money has the long-standing tratition of tainting 
things with greed and impeding progress/innovation and the 
foundation of free software is exactly that: free.  developers 
have to be free to work on whichever project they think deserves 
their attention, not pushed into a project by the tasty reward 

i absolutely agree, but something has to create an environment of 
responsibility to the user community among free developers.  

it's all well and good that they do it for free, and what they do 
gets done fairly well.  but if the only people who can use it are 
only the developers themselves, it's just so much mental 
masturbation as far as the rest of the world is concerned.  count 
the number of half started, half assed kde apps that are in 
progress right now, and that will cease to be supported/developed 
because someone got the degree or wrote the book that they wanted 
- and then left the free community to make a profit off of what 
they learned.  greed exists in free software already - it just 
isn't money motivated.....

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