Donations in kde bug tracking system

Paul Pacheco paul.pacheco at
Fri Jul 5 15:17:28 BST 2002

I thought it could be cool if users could donate money to have a bug or feature done.

My idea is that when I see a bug or feature I am interested in getting fixed or implemented, I can donate money to it. Several people might donate money to the same bug, in which case the money will pile up. Once the bug is fixed, the money will go to the developer(s) that fixed it. The hard part would be deciding if the bug is really fixed and who is responsible for the fix. I think something like "if 5 developers agree, then the money goes to x" could work.

This would partially address one complaint I saw on an article somewhere about kde developers not paying attention to users. Also this would give something in return to the developers for their work.

Also, I think this should be advertised to get as many users as possible to donate money.

PD. Thanks for your great work.
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