usb cdr drive

Anders Lyckegaard al at
Fri Jul 5 07:42:01 BST 2002

Hi Daniel,

If you have mounted the usbfs aka. usbdevfs filesystem you should be able to 
see if your cdr is connected. I think that RH7.2 should do so by default.

Take a look at /proc/bus/usb/devices. Your CDR should show up there. 
I think you should be able to find the same information in the KDE Control 
Panel under Information USB devices. 

Also you should be able to see if the usb device is found by the kernel in 
/var/log/messages when you plug it in. 

I hope this helps, 

Anders Lyckegaard

On Friday 05 July 2002 00:41, daniel wrote:
> anyone know how make my usb cdr drive work?
> i have the following system
> p120
> 128mb ram
> 2hard drives
> 1cdROM
> redhat 7.2
> and i'm adding this:
> 1 usb cdR drive
> can someone point me to where i should look to may my system "see" it?  and
> how to mount it / write to it?
> _________________________________
> daniel a. g. quinn
> starving programmer
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