KDE vs RedHat

Albert Schueller schuelaw at whitman.edu
Thu Jul 4 18:19:10 BST 2002

Quoting Tim (cyberlord at cyberlord.net.dhis.org):
> I suspect they have not been developed and made public yet. :)
> I also suspect they will be along shortly.
> In this open source world, developers have different priorities. A fine 
> example of that is the number of KDE apps that haven't been upgraded to
> KDE/Qt 3 yet, but they will get there.

It is also my impression that RedHat does not "support" KDE development
in favor of Gnome development.  The guy at redhat that rolls the
"official" redhat rpms, Bero, apparently does it in his spare time.

The history of this goes back to when KDE, and in particular, the QT
libs were not the right flavor of open source, i.e. they weren't under
the Gnu Public License (GPL).  Redhat and many other open source linux
distros avoided KDE--rightly so, I might add.  Redhat consequently made
large contributions to the Gnome project, both monetarily and with

Now, even though QT/KDE is fully GPL'd, the attitude at Redhat appears
to be that fully supporting KDE would undermine the significant
contributions that they made to Gnome.  This is sad because KDE, it is
widely accepted, is a superior desktop.  Hopefully as time moves on this
will become apparent to the decision makers at Redhat.  Particularly in
light of the disappointing state of the much heralded Gnome 2.0 release.

In the meantime, there is at least one reputable independent producer of
Redhat KDE rpms.  While I haven't tried them myself, they're at:


My 2ยข.

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