konqueror book marks won't enter alphabetically (john johnston)

Ian Timshel itschaotic at yahoo.ca
Wed Jul 3 19:32:45 BST 2002

John thanks.

And so you are right... thanks for having the patience to respond.... 
	Cheers!  Ian.


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From: john johnston <john at earacuity.org>
To: kde at mail.kde.org
Subject: Re: [kde] konqueror book marks won't enter alphabetically
Date: Tue, 2 Jul 2002 21:14:06 +0000
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In the bookmark editor: "Edit->Sort Alphabetically".  This will sort the=20
selected folder.  e.g. select the top level "Bookmarks", Edit->sort will =
all of the top level bookmarks and folders.  This will not sort the conte=
of the sub folders, you have to select and sort each individually.  (This=
be a feature.)  I don't remember when this first appeared, it is in 2.2 a=

john johnston

On Tuesday 02 July 2002 06:46 am, Ian Timshel wrote:
> I'm running kde 2.2.2 and konqueror 2.2.2-2 on RH 7.2 with the updates
> done...
> =09I'd like any bookmarks I enter to automatically be entered into thei=
> respective folders alphabetically and I can't seem to figure out how to
> have this implemented.
> =09I can certainly go into "edit bookmarks" and manually request that t=
> individual folders be sorted alphabetically but there must be a way to
> avoid doing this buy hand...
> =09Please enlighten me if.... I have searched but found nothing address=
> this directly.  Thanks in advance.  Ian.
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