installing kde 3 on rh 7.1

cryptopia cryptopia at
Tue Jul 2 01:18:30 BST 2002

On Monday 01 July 2002 06:20 pm, robert greer wrote:
> NO I AM A newbie and didn't now i should not send i HTML format!=0D
> the question is=0D
> how to tell kde where the libs are (redhat7.1)=0D
> after new libs. are on system?=0D
> i have tryed idconfig but the kde base can't find the ilbs now or the one=
> s
> that were on system.=0D
> SORRY to have mucked up the system=0D
> Thanks=0D
> bob=0D
> if this is in wrong list please point me to the correct one=0D
> =0D

Are you compiling KDE apps yourself? If so, try 
./configure --prefix=/usr
in the directory where you are compiling the program.

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