Kmail and GnuPG

Conor McTernan conor-kdelist at
Mon Jul 1 11:20:48 BST 2002

I'm running Suse Linux 7.1 and Kde 3.0. I'm trying to use GnuPG in
association with Kmail, but I seem to be having problems with it, namely
that Kmail will not register that I have any keys or user id's on my key

I have created my own public and private keys, as well as creating a dummy
id and added it to my ring. When I execute commands such as gpg
--list-keys it will list the ones I have just created. 

The problem seems to be occurring when I try to set up Kmail to sign or
encrypt any mails for me. I understand that I should not be able to
encrypt a mail unless I have the public key of the person I am mailing,
and since I'm just starting out at this, I have no keys. So I've been
trying to sign my mails, but the icon to sign a message is never active. 

At the same time, even when I choose to encrypt a mail, a prompt appears
letting me choose which key to encrypt a mail, but this prompt is empty,
it appears that Kmail cannot pick up any of my GnuPG details.

I'm not sure at what version of GnuPG I'm running, but I have not applied
any patches to it or updated it at all, so it's the regular Suse 7.1

Am I doing something wrong here? Or is there an issue with Kmail and
should I update to KDE 3.0.1?



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