how to disable Chinput candidate auto-sort

Yong Khun, Loh ykloh at
Mon Jul 1 03:59:33 BST 2002

hi all,

    i am used to CangJie. however, i found that the order of the listed
candidates are sorted based on their frequencies being used (based on my
observation), and this is not really convenient for input methods like
CangJie and Wubi, which usually have no candidate or very few candidates.
for example, when i enter key "m", which represent the word "one" but most
of the times, the word "one" is not positioned at the top most causing me
always entered the wrong word and to prevent that,i have to pay more
attention to the word entered and this defeat the purpose of having such
fast input methods like CangJie and Wubi.

    anybody please let me know how can I disable the candidate auto-sorting
feature. thanks in advance.

        YK (Yong Khun, Loh)
        <ykloh at>


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