File Associations all duplicated

Steven King stevenking66 at
Mon Dec 23 23:30:47 GMT 2002

 Philippe Hemmel suggested:

> Maybe your configuration files are all duplicated : in the kde global
> directory (/usr/share/applnk for me) and in your local directory
> ($HOME/.kde/share/applnk for me).

I don't have much in /usr/share/applink (just one directory called internet), 
so that's not the source of the duplications. I also have 
/opt/kde3/share/applink, but this contains stuff that does not show up on 
kmenu (and it would if I was pointed at it, right?). Similarly 

So I do not think these are the cause of my problem with duplicated file 
associations. Remember in any case, that while my file associations are 
duplicated on the list, each member of the pair seems to be pointing at the 
same component - if I change one of a pair and then quit, next time both 
members of the pair are changed. So it is as if the file associations program 
is pointing at the same list of associatoins twice, but thinks it has found 
two lots of them. This is somewhat contradicted though by a few of the 
associations only appearing once, e.g. under "application" I have:


and so on.

So not straightforward.

But thanks for the suggestion - I found some good kde2 apps while 
investigating it! 


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