A couple of Kmail questions.

Jim Durham durham at jcdurham.com
Sun Dec 22 05:37:19 GMT 2002

When using kmail with IMAP servers, it seems that every few messages
 read, kmail pauses and the "loading" bar at the bottom right advances
(fairly slowly) across from 0 to 100 %. 

During this time, you can't do anything with kmail. This can really
be annoying. I also tried Mozilla mail and pine with the same servers
and Mozilla only did this occasionally, while pine didn't do this at all,
as far as I could tell.

Since IMAP should mean it's only loading the message headers, why
is this so slow? I've seen it pause for 20 to 30 seconds.

This is kmail 1.4.3 on KDE 3.04 on FreeBSD.
The IMAP servers are imap-uw.

Also, when deleting mail, kmail is slow. If you read over a folder
containing a mailing list with 100+ messages and decide that there's
nothing of interest and do "K D" to delete all messages, it takes quite
a while. I've wondered if this is because it actually moves the messages
to "trash" instead of deleting them? I can't find an option to simply
delete them. Am I missing something? In Mozilla, if you do
"Ctrl-A" to mark all messages and hit "Delete", they're gone instantly,
likewise in pine, if you mark all and delete, they go right away.

In some cases, where I have let a list like "FreeBSD Questions" go
unread for several days, and there are 400 to 500 messages there and
I decide, after reading the headers, to delete them all, sometimes
Kmail will either not completely delete them, leaving a few in the
folder, or will actually crash. In these cases, i've had to resort to
opening up the mail in pine and deleting the messages.

It seems that once the folders are down to a smaller size ( < 50
messages), things are a lot better. I usually have to resort to pine
on Mondays. I'd much rather use Kmail than Mozilla or pine, but
I have to use one of those to clean up the folders before kmail works
reasonably for me with IMAP.

One thing I've wondered about is if perhaps using procmail to
pre-sort the mail into the IMAP folders is causing trouble with the
indexing of the folders and causing these problems?

Anyhow, I'm sticking with Kmail, but sometimes it gets a little "dicey". 8-) .



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