I'd settle for "best guess"

Rainer Wirtz rainer.wirtz at gmx.de
Sat Dec 21 01:30:47 GMT 2002

Am Freitag, 20. Dezember 2002 09:23 schrieb Glen Lee Edwards:
> I'm trying to build kdelibs-3.0.5 from source, and am getting the
> following error (actually I'm getting it no matter what version of
> kdelibs I'm trying to build):
> : undefined reference to `QGList::replaceAt(unsigned int, void *)'
> .libs/dcopclient.o(.QPtrList<_IceConn>::gnu.linkonce.t.replace(unsign
>ed int, _IceConn const *)+0x20): In function
> `QPtrList<_IceConn>::replace(unsigned int, _IceConn const *)':
> : undefined reference to `QGList::replaceAt(unsigned int, void *)'
> collect2: ld returned 1 exit status
> make[3]: *** [libDCOP.la.closure] Error 1
> make[3]: Leaving directory
> `/var/downloads/kde/kde-3.0.5/kdelibs-3.0.5/dcop'
> I've never programmed in a language that had to be compiled, so I'm
> no expert here.  But near as I can tell, an ld error means that ld
> failed to create a link.  I can't tell from this exactly what that
> link is (do I need to add --somelib=DIR?
> I'm open to suggestions as to a fix.  At this point I'd even settle
> for best guess.

The linker didn't find some functions it was looking for. Since they all 
start with "Q", they should be in the qt-libs. If your qt-libs were 
simply missing ./configure would have complained. I suspect you have 
two versions of qt on your system. While ./configure finds the right 
one first, the linker gets the wrong (probably older) one first and 
bails out.


BTW. When mailing error messages as above, always include the last 
command executed by make. Normaly starts with gcc. And in a loooong 
list of errors, the first one is often the most interesting.
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