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many thanks will try

David Blomberg wrote:

>	This is usua;;y just the normal dial tone delay.  What it is that some
>phones have a longer dial delay before you can actually start dialing so
>the timeout is set with enough time that your phone has time to respond
>(dial ton) before the dialing starts.  If it is really annoying there
>may be a way to shorten the time but it is usually autodetected during
>the first set up based on how long your phone took to respond (your line
>could have been slow that one day-who knows)  The best rule of thumb is
>to leave it but 90 seconds is a bit long.
>Start kpp and go to "setup" and check the "modem timeout" -- check this
>for a very small setting (if it is set small it will cause the PC to
>keep dropping and starting a new redial which could actually cause
>longer connect time
>I didn't find anything about setting delays so much kppp seems to be
>driven by response of the line.  If changing the "modem Timeout to about
>30 sec or more does not fix the problem-we may need to run some test to
>make sure the settings went in correctly or test your modem (have you
>tested it before with another OS and had better connection times?
>"Modem Timeout
>This is the time in seconds that kppp waits for the ``CONNECT'' response
>from your modem after dialing into another modem (typically a modem of
>your IPS's modem pool). I recommend a setting of about 30 seconds. "

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