KMail Folder weirdness

Andreas Pakulat ap125 at
Mon Dec 16 15:43:41 GMT 2002

On 16.Dez 2002 - 16:06:29, Daniel Klein wrote:
> > > I have a folder in Kmail here which decides to mark all messages as
> > > unread whenever I click on it, no matter how often I mark them as read
> > > again.. what can I do?
> >
> > Either don't use NFS or Samba or make sure that the clocks of the NFS
> > server and the clients are in sync.
> I'm very sure I'm neither using NFS (unless that's something that is enabled 
> by default in most standard distros.. I'm using SuSE 7.2, never happened 
> across anything looking like NFS in my ps) nor Samba.. and some of these 
> mails are months old.. how can a clock offset cause that? (Maybe I'm failing 
> to see the problem.. it's also only this one folder)

NFS means NetworkFileSystem and is simply a possibility to mount
partitions in a network enviroment. This means you got your
home-Partition on a server in a network and it is mounted locally into
your pc. 

My advise is only a guess, but you should check the index and ids files
of this folder. These can be found in your Maildirectory for example
~/Mail and got a . in the front, so cannot be seen with normal ls *.
Maybe these are not writeable for you?!


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