KDE not starting up anymore at all

Daniel Klein bringa at gmx.at
Thu Dec 12 20:55:55 GMT 2002

On Wednesday 11 December 2002 20:20, Donsbach, Jeff wrote:
> To add to my own response,
> I just tried killing the "kdeinit: kcmin +knotify" process below and the
> login continued. However, the KDE panel was missing most of it's icons.
> Ok, so what does "kcmin" do and why might the login be hanging because of
> it?

Hello Jeff,

on the danger of looking very, very stupid, I think I have found the problem 
with my system... the partition with the /tmp dir was simply stuffed to the 
last byte.. I freed some space, but not before I messed around with all other 
settings on my system. So right now I somehow messed things up so I don't get 
my login screen anymore. What I do right now is to manually start my x 
server, then manually run kdeinit and then kde over that. That works. I could 
probably go back to how I had it before, since as I see it, the full /tmp was 
really the only problem. But my countless voodoo experiences with computers 
taught me not to trust the obvious and the logically correct things. So I'm 
leaving it at its current state. Type XFree86 &, kdeinit & and kde & after 
login isn't THAT much of a problem really :P

Daniel, feeling stupid after all
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