kppp is leaking/broken

Ian Timshel itschaotic at
Wed Dec 11 16:07:04 GMT 2002

Hi all.
I run a Redhat 7.2 box with the Redhat 2.4.9-34 kernel with:
Qt: 2.3.2
KDE: 2.2.2-3
KPPP: 2.0.9

Duron 1.2 
384 megs RAM 

I am having some trouble with kppp.  At least I think so... It is growing 
in it's memory use and eventually causing me to have to shut it down.  
However I'd love to learn to be able to prove such a thing.  I can't keep 
this machine up for more than a couple weeks without trouble.  I ask these 
questions to attempt to correct this.  The problems probably haven't shown 
up until now because I am stuck on a dial up and only recently got a 
dedicated dial-up line... even that sucks, but that's what I get for living 
in the bush.. heh.

I yanked out kdenetwork-ppp-2.2.2-2
and reinstalled this kppp containing rpm but that didn't change the fact 
that when I start kppp and connect with it, its resident memory size is 
about 10700k, and several hours later it has more than doubled to 25000k.  
Granted... I don't know if this is normal, but other programs don't seem to 
do this... I don't know what the memory size is after a couple of weeks, or 
even days as I just noticed this yesterday.

Obviously I'm grasping at straws here to try and stabilise this box 
further.  I've been monitoring with "ps aux" and periodically have to "kill 
-9" to some lame process or other but other than that I can't see any other 
misbehaviour that would cause the stability to deteriorate.   No doubt 
there are a gazillion other possibilities.

Could someone suggest an approach for tracing or fixing this problem.  I 
could work up a script to connect to my isp instead of using kppp as I have 
done in the past but I'd like to know how to rectify this problem 

Any suggestions would be very welcome.  Thanks all who have provided me an 
alternative to what was a lame life with M$.  

Cheers!  Ian.

Ian aka Clocker
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