kmail: sending/receiving messages in HTML

Benjamin Lee Solosy aethereal at
Sun Dec 8 23:57:20 GMT 2002

KDE Version:  3.0.3-8 Red Hat
KMail Version:  1.4.3
Hi everybody,

I have a general question about sending and receiving messages in HTML.  (I've 
searched the archives here and elsewhere for the solution to my problem, but 
have been unable to find it.  Similar questions have been asked, but they 
don't seem to be quite relevant to my problem.  (I've also checked previous 
bugs and found a bug which seemed quite similar, but that was quite a while 
ago, so I don't believe my current version of KMail should have that 

OK, first off, the obvious:  I have gone into Configure KMail and checked 
"Prefer HTML to plain text."

And I *am* able to receive HTML messages (including images, etc.) from others 
just fine.

However, I do not seem to be able to successfully send/receive messages to 
myself in HTML format.  (When I receive the mail, I see the HTML code itself, 
rather than the properly rendered message.)

When I compose my message, here is what I do (as suggested by the KMail 
1.  I Configure KMail:  "Use external editor instead of composer:" 
/usr/bin/quanta %f
2.  When I compose my message, Quanta is automatically started, I compose my 
message, save it, and exit Quanta.
3.  The HTML code from Quanta is automatically inserted into the body of my 
4.  I send the message.
5.  When I receive it, I see my original HTML code, rather than the expected 
correctly rendered message.

Btw:  When I View Source, I notice that "Content-Type: text/plain;" rather 
than "Content-Type: text/html;" for example.  That would seem to be a clue to 
this problem.

Does anybody know why I am unable to receive my HTML messages as correctly 
rendered HTML documents, rather than HTML code?

My problem seems quite elementary (and I would think other people would have 
bumped into this before too), so I think I must be overlooking something 
obvious, but I'm still not sure what that might be.  Any help would be 
greatly appreciated.

Thanks very much in advance,

Benjamin Solosy

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