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On Saturday 07 December 2002 4:41 pm, David Wallis wrote:
> Hi
> am in the process of converting from MSWin 98 to Mandrake linux and
> KDE Have hit a problem setting up my scanner. Called a Vuego, it
> works as an Acer 310S. I have had it abt five years and it runs well
> I have tried to install the scanner using mandrake control centre
> /scanner /acer 310S which tells me scanner unstalled use Xsane
> Xsane tells me ... error, no devices available
> all help appreciated
> David Wallis

Go to the scanner home site and see if it has any useful information.  
If so (or even if not) then go to the SANE site and see what they have 
to say about your scanner.  I have a wonderful scanner that has a 
proprietary coding which they absolutely refuse to release to 
developers but also refuse to write Unix/Linux drivers for.  So far, it 
has not been hacked so I had to give it to my wife, who runs Win98.

Sometimes the best thing to do is read the "supported" list before 
buying (and even that doesn't always work -- I had to download three 
different programs to patch together to get my old Epson 777 to work 
and only one new one to get the Epson C80 to work - but it works 

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