changing fonts in the window title bar

James Richard Tyrer tyrerj at
Fri Dec 6 04:36:43 GMT 2002

gabriel wrote:
> i wanted to change the font that appears in the window title bar, so i went 
> into the control centre and selected "fonts" from "look and feel".  clicked 
> on "choose..." next to "window title" and wait a second...  where are all my 
> fonts?

Where you installed them.  Look under the: Settings tab.
> i have already installed a slew of cool fonts via the font installer in the 
> control centre under "system", and yes, i did this as root.  so why can't i 
> see my new fonts so i can change the font for my window title bar?
> for that matter?  where are my fonts?  i installed them as root, the gui 
> assured me that they're installed, but the only place they appear is in my 
> installer....

Are the files in the selected directory?


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