Kde keeps crashing on me

Francois Fayard francois.fayard at free.fr
Fri Aug 16 00:20:23 BST 2002

On Friday 16 August 2002 01:10, Sean McGlynn wrote:
> On Thursday 15 August 2002 23:11, Francois Fayard wrote:
> > Hi,
> Hello Francois,
> > I've just compiled KDE 3.0.2 on top of my woody.
> I nearly fell off my chair laughing when I read that statement. It just
> sounds so naughty! Sorry! :-)
> >
> > Anyone has a suggestion ?
> None, I'm afraid, and there's no similar bug report in the Bug Tacking
> System as far as I can see either. You can try your luck on kde-devel or
> post a bug report on http://bugs.kde.org

It's not only Ksirc, but also konqueror. And I think it's mainly a compile 
problem as the same source code worrks correctly with Gentoo so I don't think 
a bug report would be useful as I think the bug is a incorrect compilation

> If you do file a report, try and add some more details, such as does the
> crash always happen when you are doing something in particular, or just
> randomly, and can you tell the developers exactly how to crash the
> application (so that they can see if their version also crashes by
> following the same actions).
> > Thanks
> > Francois
> Cheers,
> Sean

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