Help! kde3.1beta1 kdegraphics "An error occurred while loading the KViewViewer KPart"

MURAKAMI Manabu Lev murakami_lev at
Sat Aug 31 12:37:11 BST 2002

Dear, lists.
I've been currently trying to build kde3.1beta1 private debian packages from source.
using "dpkg-buildpackage". 

Building debian packages of KDE is quite simple because
"debian" directory or other needed scripts such as admin/debianrules
already exist in original tall-ball.  

The problem is -
A kview binary from my debuious deb refuses to work.

When I type 
$ kview
at terminal emulator,

A message window which read
"An error occurred while loading the KViewViewer KPart. Check your
pops up. and kview does not start up.

But with typing
$ sudo kview
kview starts up and works normally.

Can I fix this?
or is this completely broken?

Packages was built with --enable-final option, 
so few debug information available.
I'm sorry about it.

//   lev at 
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