Corrupted ogg files [revised]

James Richard Tyrer tyrerj at
Tue Aug 27 09:00:29 BST 2002

Paul Kreugel wrote:
 > Op zaterdag 24 augustus 2002 23:03, schreef James Richard Tyrer:
 >>Paul Kreugel wrote:
 >>>Hi List,
 >>>A few days ago i posted a message about koggtag corrupting my ogg files.
 >>>But now i discovered that konqueror and noatun corrupt my ogg files too.
 >>>After editing a ogg tag with konqueror,
 >>I'm missing something here:
 >>Exactly how do you edit an Ogg tag with konqueror?
 > Right click the ogg file then properties and then there's a tab 
 > there you can edit your ogg tags.
That is a plugin application.

Do you have KDE 3.0.x what includes it?

OR, Did you install KOggTag perhaps?  Do you have the latest version: 0.5?

If you have KDE 3.0.3 then please report it as a bug.


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