Corrupted ogg files

Paul Kreugel paul at
Sun Aug 25 07:28:05 BST 2002

Op zaterdag 24 augustus 2002 23:03, schreef James Richard Tyrer:
> Paul Kreugel wrote:
> > Hi List,
> >
> > A few days ago i posted a message about koggtag corrupting my ogg files.
> > But now i discovered that konqueror and noatun corrupt my ogg files too.
> > After editing a ogg tag with konqueror,
> I'm missing something here:
> Exactly how do you edit an Ogg tag with konqueror?
Right click the ogg file then properties and then there's a tab meta-info, 
there you can edit your ogg tags.

> > ogginfo says:
> >
> > Warning: sequence number gap in stream 1. Got page 1824 when expecting
> > page 1833. Indicates missing data.
> >
> > When i edit the tags with easytag or xmms, i don't get these errors.
> > These progs are compiled with the same ogg/vorbis libraries as koggtag,
> > konqueror and noatun. The files can't be repaired by editing the tags of
> > the corrupted files with easytag, because easytag crashes when scanning
> > these files. This makes ogg/vorbis useless with KDE, and i think i will
> > go back to mp3.
> I can't see how it makes it useless.  Perhaps there is a bug in
> something.  Perhaps it has been fixed in 3.0.3.  ETC.
If i use a app to edit my files and this app corrupts the file, then i think 
the app is useless, unless you don't care about corrupted files.
In kde 3.0.3 (compiled from sources) i've still got the same problem.

> > Can anyone tell me how this is possible, and what i can do to fix this?
> Until you find the problem, I would suggest that you don't edit the
> tags, or use easytag or xmms.

I couldn't find the problem, that's why i posted this message to see if anyone 
else has this problem and/or a fix.


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