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Robert Black Eagle rbe at
Sat Aug 24 14:26:54 BST 2002

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Beautifully!  Thanks.

On Saturday 24 August 2002 7:21 am, Sean McGlynn wrote:
> Hello Robert,
> Try renaming $HOME/.kde/share/config/kickerrc to kickerrc.old
> Then run 'kicker' from the command line.
> Does that work okay?
> Cheers,
> Sean
> On Saturday 24 August 2002 09:20, Robert Black Eagle wrote:
> > I had lost my program rectangles (don't know what they're called -- you
> > could click on them an be taken to the program, no matter what window
> > they were on).  I asked for help and was told to click on the panel,
> > select "Add -- Taskbar -- (something" which I did.  It locked up KDE and
> > I had to kill it to get back to my login.  I logged back in and - no
> > kiker pane! Nothing.  Nada. No way to get it back.  Fortunately, the
> > modem had not disconnected, but I cannot get back on once I get off this.
> >
> > I will have to get my email at work tomorrow and Monday, so any solution
> > will have to be something I can do from a terminal window as the K-menu
> > is no longer accesible.  I would appreciate any help anyone could give
> > me.

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