Corrupted ogg files

Paul Kreugel paul at
Fri Aug 23 09:17:38 BST 2002

Hi List,

A few days ago i posted a message about koggtag corrupting my ogg files. But 
now i discovered that konqueror and noatun corrupt my ogg files too. After 
editing a ogg tag with konqueror, ogginfo says:

Warning: sequence number gap in stream 1. Got page 1824 when expecting page 
1833. Indicates missing data.

When i edit the tags with easytag or xmms, i don't get these errors. These 
progs are compiled with the same ogg/vorbis libraries as koggtag, konqueror 
and noatun. The files can't be repaired by editing the tags of the corrupted 
files with easytag, because easytag crashes when scanning these files.
This makes ogg/vorbis useless with KDE, and i think i will go back to mp3.

Can anyone tell me how this is possible, and what i can do to fix this?


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