KDE3 resource utilization

Marvin GodfatherofSoul Bellamy mbellamy at kc.rr.com
Thu Aug 22 14:15:04 BST 2002

After upgrading a Mandrake 8.2 installation to KDE3, I've had a lot of 
nagging problems with my workstation related to configuration files. 
 The RPM installation doesn't make all of the changes it needs to, such 
as changing the PATH value in /etc/X11/prefdm to point to the right KDE 
scripts (i.e. prepend /opt/kde3 to your PATH).  If there is a way to 
cleanly remove KDE2 before the upgrade, definitely go that route, and 
thoroughly test the effects of configuration changes on a guinea pig 

Janyne Kizer wrote:

>I was wondering what your thoughts are on the reported problems with
>KDE3 and resouce/memory utilization?  We currently have 25 counties
>(that's about 300 end users) of North Carolina's Cooperative Extension
>(http://www.ces.ncsu.edu/) using KDE 2.2.2 (75 more counties to go). 
>The way that they are set up, they use x-terminals like NCD HMX, NCD
>MCX, NC900 (http://www.ncd.com/products/hardware/ncs/) or, in some
>cases, NCD ThinStars (WinCE devices,
>http://www.ncd.com/products/hardware/thinstar/).  All of the data is on
>the server and the client is basically a box that has EPROMs, network
>card, video card, memory and a place to attach keyboard and mouse. 
>These clients have a little as 16MB of memory.  I am concerned about the
>requirements for KDE 3.x and I was wondering what your thoughts are on
>this.  Our end users are happy with the interface and we are happy
>supporting it. 

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