anti-aliased fonts

Jordan Capps j_capps at
Wed Aug 21 04:49:33 BST 2002

I've got a bit of an odd problem.  Too make a long story short, I
recently changed distros to Red Hat and video cards to a GeForce 4 (both
of which I did at the same time) and I can't seem to get AA fonts to
work in KDE 3.  I know that the GeForce 4 drivers aren't in the kernel
yet so I'm using the vesa drivers and am limited to 16-bit color, but
that shouldn't be the problem I don't think.  

I can however get AA fonts to work in Opera under KDE3 by adding
QT_XFT=1 and QT_XFT to my PATH in my Opera script, so I know that AA
works, I just can't get the rest of KDE's fonts to be anti-aliased (the
box is checked, but the AA fonts aren't there).  Any ideas?

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