DCopserver problem with KDE3

Sean McGlynn sean at tmiau.com
Sun Aug 18 21:45:22 BST 2002

On Sunday 18 August 2002 21:04, David A. Bartmess wrote:
> I have tried that, but it didn't help any. I have a feeling part of the
> problem is in the font handling, and part is in the Dcopserver startup.
> But there's no dcopserver file in my /etc/profile.d or /etc/init.d, so
> I'm kinda lost as to how to start it.

Hello David,

dcopserver is part of KDE and is started from the 'startkde' script.

How are you trying to start KDE, from the gui login screen (kdm) or from the 
command line ('startx' command)?

Did you install KDE3 with RPM's or did you compile the sources?

Are you trying to run KDE3 from the same userid as you were using for KDE2? 
Can you still run KDE2 without problems (presuming you were or still are 
running KDE2)?

Sean McGlynn
sean at tmiau.com

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