DCopserver problem with KDE3

David A. Bartmess dingodave at edingo.net
Sun Aug 18 20:43:22 BST 2002

I installed KDE3 a week ago, and I've never been able to bring it up
under Mandrake 8.2.

The problem is, I get a message saying something, but I can't SEE the
message, because the font being used is all squares on the dialog box.
But the dialog title says something to the effect of "DCOPServer
connection error".. From what I can see (which isn't much), it's trying
to connect to the DCOPServer, but it hasn't been started, or errored out
in starting...

I'm "relatively new" to linux, but I know my way around a bit. Could
someone point me in the right direction to try to fix this? 

David A. Bartmess
Software Configuration Manager / Sr. Software Developer
eDingo Enterprises

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