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Paul Bryan pa_bryan at yahoo.co.uk
Mon Aug 12 09:28:15 BST 2002

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On Sat, 10 Aug 2002 22:26, Brian T. Schellenberger wrote:

> Surely somebody else knows what the "standard" way is to do things at KDE
> startup time.  I mean, there *must* be a way, right?

This is an X way of doing the keyboard re-mapping, but I think it's probably 
the best bet. Read on to see why...

- From the XF86 how to (:

 ... preferred settings can be stored in a file. Typically this is 
~/.Xmodmap, or similar. If your X start up files don't parse this, then edit 
as appropriate so that they do (probably from ~/.xinitrc or ~/.xsession)...

... Another possible use, is to redefine those annoying "Windows"  keys to 
something useful...

Sound familiar?

This way you're still doing "custom" stuff, but you start it up from the 
default start up files for X rather than writing your own script. Presumably 
you'd want to do something similair if you ran Gnome or something else. This 
way, the key mapping is tied to your X session regardless of desktop, window 
manager etc. You may even get lucky and find that your distro's startup 
scripts (/etc/X11/xinit on my system) are set up to parse ~/.Xmodmap already.

I haven't had a chance to try this out yet. I'd have to log out of my session 
and I started writing this first. 

As to KDE, I think the startup folder is the "standard" way. At least that's 
what the user guide kde.org seems to imply.

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