RH 7.3

Blomberg David dblomber at Libertec.com
Mon Aug 12 00:06:13 BST 2002

from the command line type
su -
this will change you into root login
next type
this will enter you into easy config tools
select firewall and select no firewall (not a real problem except when
you are connected with internet accessiable IP from the outside world) 

have you tried a ping command to see if you are getting DNS resolution
ping www.redhat.com
if you get a response but cant get to a web page then try the above
entioned to turn off the firewall (if no response at all try ifconfig
(/sbin/ifconfig) and ping the IP address listed as the default gateway
if you get a response try ping <a server that is almost
always running> and see if you get a reponse.  If not well we may be
looking at a DHCP problem or something along those lines but we will
need some more info to figure out what to do from here.


PS jsut to stop a flame war before it starts if you send the ifconfig
results you could mask the first portion like xxx.xxx.xxx.12 where xxx
is matching numbers from the ipaddress and default gateway.

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Subject:	[kde] RH 7.3
About a month ago our group purchased RH 7.3
I have loaded it several times but have been unable to make stmp and www

I think<G> it is a matter of firewall but am a real newbie
Have restored RH7.1 and have no troubles
Any suggestions greatly appreciated
David Wallis
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