kpager and logout

alain sabban alain.sabban at
Sat Aug 10 17:47:50 BST 2002


Thanks to KDE team for the great 3.0.2 release.

Instead of the minipager, I prefer to start kpager without any decoration in a 
corner of the screen. So I have a file kpager.desktop in the autostart folder 
that contains the following Exec line :

Exec=kstart --alldesktops --type Override --window "Desktop Pager" -- 

kpager.desktop allows to start automatically kpager when KDE starts. The 
problem is when I want to stop the kde session and logout. When I select 
logout, the kpager disappear but the KDE session remains. I have to select 
logout a second time to really stop the KDE session.

Is it a known problem or have I missed something ?
Thanks for your help / AS 

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