KDE Improvement??

Brad Potts pbrad at cinci.rr.com
Fri Aug 9 09:19:54 BST 2002


Who-hoo!!!!  Got it to work!!  Thanks brian and everybody else for your 
responses.  I haven't tried the script part (yet) but got it working for now.  
I'm giong to give the rest of it a shot later on tonight to see if that will 
make it permanent.  One quick quiestion.  I know the ">" redirects standard 
output to a file, but not sure what it will do when you use the "<" in the 

cat > .xmodmap < HERE

Never seen this and maybe you could breifly describe what it does.....not a 
big deal as long as it works, but I'm always wanting to know "why" it 

Thanks again,
Brad Potts

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