Multiple KDE directories: $KDEDIRS and /etc/kde3rc

Alexander Mattausch Alexander.Mattausch at
Wed Aug 7 10:42:46 BST 2002

Kevin Krammer schrieb:

>>What's the correct way to combine different KDE locations in KDE3? Is
>>there a documentation of /etc/kde3rc? I don't even know if I separated
>>the pathes in thr prefixes entry correctly (I used ":").
>Try , or ;

Thanks, it works now.

>Anyway, I think KDEDIRS is an allowed option to do this:
>Waldo Bastian just suggested the following when a third party developer 
>asked how to correctly install a MIME type:
>"...Make sure you export KDEDIRS in startkde so that all of KDE knows 
>where to find your new mimetype. ...."

He should tell this to the SuSE developers. There is an explicit "unset 
KDEDIRS" in their startkde script.


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