items in menu editor not present

Sean McGlynn sean at
Tue Aug 6 18:36:45 BST 2002

Hello Praveen,

Those items above the separator line are either the most frequently or most 
recently used apps. You can choose which you want (and how many) in the 
Control Panel under (for KDE2.2 anyway) the "Quick Start" section of the 
"Menus" tab of  "Look & Feel -> Panel". Setting the "max number of entries" 
to 0 should get rid of all those entries above the separator if that's what 
you want.

The Control Panel layout might be different if you're running KDE3 (sorry, I 
haven't got my KDE3 running at the moment :-)
Also, I had to quit KDE and restart for the new options to take effect. This 
isn't something you'd normally have to do, but give it a try if the changes 
don't take effect for you immediately.


On Tuesday 06 August 2002 17:58, Praveen Ray wrote:
> Hi All
> The menu editor doesn't show all the items that I see in the menu when I
> click on 'K' icon . The actual menu has items like
> Fonts
> Gimp
> Menu Editor
> OClock
> Kate
> <separator line>
> Development
> Editors
> Graphics
> .....
> The menu editor shows only items after the separator line(Starting
> Development). How do I edit items above the separator line? I don't know
> how things get added there? I have to remove some of them since my menu is
> getting bigger and bigger and I don't like that!
> Thanks
> -Praveen

Sean McGlynn
sean at

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