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James Richard Tyrer tyrerj at
Sat Aug 3 04:48:45 BST 2002

C.M. Wu wrote:
 > Hello,
 >      I want to modify menu

The menu should be simple.  The global menu is rooted at:

NOTE: if you also have $KDEDIRS, that this may add other locations.

However, the local menu can override the global settings.  So, if you
don't want your users to modify it, then change the permissions for
"~/.kde/share/applnk/" and any sub directories -- drop write permission
-- to like root:root:555 and the files root:root:644

 >      /panel

Good question.  I don't really know if it would work to put a global:
"kickerrc" file in: "$KDEDIR/share/config/" will work or not.  It
should, but I haven't tried it.

 >      for KDE globally.
 >      For example, change default screensaver to
 >      xlock. Possible point me where can I get those
 >      information ?

I tried this as above and it didn't work. :-(

 >      In addition, I will write a script to reset/setup
 >      user desktop environment. I want to know which
 >      files/directory is for KDE desktop environment
 >      and its function.

The configuration is in the directory: ~/.kde/share/config/"

The various "*rc" files do different things.
 >      Any web sites, document recommend ...
Perhaps the kiosk list can be more help.


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